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CenturyPacific, LLLP

920 5th Ave

Suite 400

Seattle, WA 98104-1189

Phone: 206-757-8890

Fax: 206-757-7890

Web: 206-757-7890

Steven L. Wood

Principal & Managing Director

Direct: 206-757-8891

S. Campbell Mathewson


Direct: 206-757-8893

Katherine K. Laird


Direct: 206-757-8892

Michael E. Finch


Direct: 206-757-8895

Rebecca C. West

Administration & Marketing

Direct: 206-757-8899

For the past 28 years CenturyPacific has been a great partner in helping The Seattle Times and the Blethen family acquire and dispose of over $225 million in properties. 

Frank Blethen

Seattle Times Company

Highlighted Projects

Pacific Tower Campus

CenturyPacific serves as real estate advisor to the Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority (PHPDA) – owner of the historic and iconic art deco campus on Seattle’s Beacon Hill. Since 2012, we have provided asset management advisory and brokerage services to the PHPDA, including over 200,000 SF of leasing and securing a 3-acre redevelopment site.

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